One hundred Likes!

I’ve just received notification from WordPress that I’ve had a total of 100 Likes on my blog posts.

Number one hundred came in the form of my good friend, Wendy who also blogs and for your prize… you get to go on holiday with me… again! x

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7 Responses to One hundred Likes!

  1. What…again! Ok where are we going this time??


  2. Helen Wolfson says:

    Well here is another compliment on your video blog. It was strange, but lovely to see you speaking – i.e. actually SEEING you. You seemed quite quiet, after how I have seen you recently – did they take you off the steroids or is it the effect of all the ‘stuff’

    Not sure how you arranged your iPad to do it – but it was very moving actually, to see you in the bed.

    Hope things are going well – and wonder if your flowers survived for you to take home, or if your friend enjoyed them in her home.

    Lots of love from sunny Cayman – the rest of them have left and it is very peaceful here. I am actually treating it like a rehab clinic, logging all the various medications, doing my exercises, reading etc. and I managed a short walk just before the sun went down and it was cooler. While the weather is good – I cannot sit in it like I used to. So I sit in the shade quite a lot.

    As you know I somehow mislaid my most important medications and the new ones made me feel really nauseous but pharmacy recommended Dramamine (sea sick tablets) to deal with those side effects, and I think that has helped.

    Lots of love Helen xxxxxx


    • Jet Black says:

      I think I was quiet because I was miserable about being in hospital and feeling queasy most of the time. But I am on a lower dose of steroids now, only 10mg per day. I’m definitely not as wired and trippy as I was on 60 or even 20mg a day.

      I was actually in a chair, so not quite as pathetic as being in bed. But it was quite easy to use the iPad, you just have to click the front camera button so you’re looking at the screen while it takes a photo/video.

      The flowers came home with me and lasted about a week. I’m about to throw them away now, but I quite like it when they’re fading.

      Glad you’re enjoying the peace and sunshine and have something to deal with nausea. It’s a total bummer. x


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