Vlog #2: Admitted to hospital

I’ve just spent eight days in hospital due to a serious infection via my Hickman line. I’m in the midst of writing about it, but having difficulty concentrating, so it may take some time.

In the meantime, here’s a little video blog/vlog I made while I was incarcerated.



About Jet Black

I began blogging because having been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, I wanted to share my experiences of living with an incurable cancer. Through blogging, I discovered that I enjoy writing. I have always chosen to live life for the journey, more than the destination. This is as true for the act of writing as it is for living with myeloma, so these are two things I do: I live and I write!
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8 Responses to Vlog #2: Admitted to hospital

  1. bembeezled says:

    Omg. The bing bing bong. Awful! But good impression! Glad you’re out! 🙂


  2. Deborah says:

    Good little Vlog I may have a go at that myself sometime.


  3. Caroleann McCallion-Davies says:

    You have such a lovely voice and clear delivery! Glad you are out and about again now though xx


  4. Tina Pettifer says:

    I remember the bing//bong noises throughout the night. I grew to hate it too. So glad you are out.I had 5 days in isolation between Christmas and New Year with pneumonia! The food was dire!!!
    Any way, take care I do enjoy reading your blogs. I am in remission, but taking Revlimid as a trial drug.


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