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The joys of CPAP

If you’ve not been following this blog, you may need to do a quick catch-up here and here for some history on my snoring story before proceeding. And if you have been following, then settle down and read on… I’d … Continue reading

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The continuing story of something completely different… (or more adventures at the sleep clinic)

Following my possible over-reaction (I’m still questioning that) to the sleep clinic letter that I wrote about here, and having rearranged the appointments for after I returned from holiday, I turned up at the Sleep clinic at Nottingham’s NHS Treatment … Continue reading


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And now for something completely different…

You’d have thought that after two and a half years of hospital appointments and treatment that I’d be glad to never set foot voluntarily in a clinic again. Well, you’d be wrong. It seems I can’t get enough of it! … Continue reading

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I’ve been busy. I’ve been very busy. Although it may not seem like it, even to me, I’m doing a lot for someone at this point in recovery. And that’s the crucial point! It’s easy to think, over eight months … Continue reading

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No, this is not a high-scoring Scrabble word. If it were, it’d be worth 20 points… 40 on a Double Word. If I managed to get the X to land on a Triple Letter, it’d go up to 72, plus … Continue reading

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