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The sleep clinic chronicles continue…

If you’ve been following this blog till now, just read on. But if you’re new, you may want to read the earlier parts of this story, here, here and here. Now, so far I have been talking about sleep apnoea, … Continue reading

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The joys of CPAP

If you’ve not been following this blog, you may need to do a quick catch-up here and here for some history on my snoring story before proceeding. And if you have been following, then settle down and read on… I’d … Continue reading

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The continuing story of something completely different… (or more adventures at the sleep clinic)

Following my possible over-reaction (I’m still questioning that) to the sleep clinic letter that I wrote about here, and having rearranged the appointments for after I returned from holiday, I turned up at the Sleep clinic at Nottingham’s NHS Treatment … Continue reading

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Strange times

After a few celebratory posts about living, I need to return to the sleep apnoea saga… I know some of you are avidly awaiting the next instalment. However, first, I want to share something strange… Having returned my jet pack-styled … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different…

You’d have thought that after two and a half years of hospital appointments and treatment that I’d be glad to never set foot voluntarily in a clinic again. Well, you’d be wrong. It seems I can’t get enough of it! … Continue reading

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