A Letter To You ~ By Emma

My young nephew has sensory processing differences, which means he may have some difficulties learning in the same way as others. He does not have autism, but neither is he neuro-typical (NT), so I have been curious to understand differences and even explore my own point on the neuro/processing spectrum.

I came across this blog, by a mother in collaboration with her autistic daughter and have been following it for some weeks now. Each time I read a new post, my heart almost bursts. So I want to share with you, just to widen knowledge, understanding and break down a few more barriers.

Thank you, Ariane and Emma. x

And a further bonus – it has nothing whatsoever to do with myeloma or cancer – Phew! 😉

Emma's Hope Book

I asked Emma whether she wanted to finish the story she began about an otter or talk about something else.  She wrote:

“I want to talk about the New Year.

“This is a meaningful year because I am beginning to write about my ideas about autism and how people need an education in applying what Autistic people feel.

“Fear is non-living.  It cripples the mind and deadens the soul.  Raging beasts of pain masquerading as stims cause many to misunderstand.

“I am not without thought.  My forever beautiful mind needs nourishment all the time.  Autistic people are left to linger in a secluded world by those who could be helping instead of harming them.

“Please care enough to alter how you interact with those who may seem different than you, but who are actually the same.  We are all beings with similar feelings and hopes.

“Do not believe your fears…

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6 Responses to A Letter To You ~ By Emma

  1. Bev says:

    Nice to meet you, I also live and write. Died August 1992 from sickle cell exacerbation, then learned many things I could do for myself that no one had apparently ever thought of. I take a natural immune system enhancer that actually does so through protecting B cell maturation… since I started on my road to recovery, the autism I was also born with lifted. Interesting stuff. I too just came across the new sensory processing info, but it sounds a lot like autism to me. I am watching a video on California University TV which explains that many people have one domain affected, but autism is that overlapping of several, including hearing, touch, vestibular, and to a greater degree than other people. Here is the link to that video http://www.uctv.tv/shows/Communicating-Brains-From-Autism-and-Dyslexia-to-Progressive-Aphasia-24713


  2. this is so powerful, the stimulation/agitation balance and how narrow our permitted behaviours are before someone has a problem with it…i struggle to cope with the ‘suddenness’ of children and some adults, and experience it as pain and bars across my vision, so i feel very sympathetic towards people living in the autism spectrum, even when it is someone autistic triggering me… we all need more respectful space, but sometimes it is so hard to get right, like when someone has environmental illness and someone else is using aromatherapy oils to manage a panic attack, or the bumpy slabs that warn of crossings – great for the blind, hard work for anyone using a rollator or wheelchair (that includes if you are pushing, extra hard on your wrists..)
    and then the whole management of fear and anxiety and creating comforting, supportive spaces and practices that also allow stimulation, the need for communication of what works for each individual, when communication may be the hardest thing to achieve during agitation…
    so much food for thought, thanks for sharing!


    • Jet Black says:

      I think we’re back to Intersectionality here too, aren’t we, Dee?

      And something a friend of mine said about how we’re all on a point (and the ‘point’ may vary during one’s life too) on all sorts of spectra… health, sexuality, neuro-type, gender, ethnicity/race, etc.


  3. You are so lovely to have shared this. We are constantly amazed and in joyful awe of our daughter, it’s wonderful when others join us in our excitement, so thank YOU! Here’s to more joy and excitement…


    • Jet Black says:

      Indeed! I am in joyful awe of Zeke too. Who’d have thought it? I like/enjoy children for the most part but I don’t usually get ‘smitten’, but some are just joyfully awesome and they are both. Love to all of you. x


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