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Two weeks ago, I invited readers to ask me questions or to ask me to write about something in particular. I’ve had a few responses, for which I’m very grateful. Thank you to those who responded for your contributions. This … Continue reading

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List for jetblackliving…

I’ve recently come across another blog, by Helen Fawkes, a BBC correspondent who is living with a probably terminal third episode of ovarian cancer. Like many of us with cancer, Helen is using the threat of an untimely death to … Continue reading

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Just when you think it’s safe…

It’s over 7 months since the transplant and I’ve been very lucky… 100% chimerism, undetectable myeloma, very mild GvHD and no serious infections. Until now… For the past three days I’ve had an increasingly painful sore throat, with a phlegmy … Continue reading

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Loss and liberation

The title of this post is inspired by an email conversation I’ve been having with a friend about writing, thoughts and life in general… The initial inspiration came from a comment on her blog: “Give up something. Reflect. See how … Continue reading

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Up to the minute news… stem cell harvest is GO!

I had a hospital appointment this morning and it’s all systems go with the stem cell harvest. The first date they’ve given me is Thursday 9 June, when they’ll give me an initial chemotherapy treatment as an overnight patient. This … Continue reading

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“Crazy Sexy Cancer” review

My brother generously sent me a book called “Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips”, by Kris Carr. She’s a 31 year old American woman who has a rare cancer (epithelioid hemangioendothelioma). I think it’s rarer than mine – certainly harder to pronounce! … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about hair…

We all have some sort of emotional response about our hair. Women possibly more than men. We style it, cut it, shape it, straighten it, curl it, colour it, put it up in a pony tail or bunches, plait it, … Continue reading

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