Happy Birthday

Today I am officially three years old.

Three years ago today I had a stem cell transplant which is the main reason I’m still here.

Celebrations today were extremely low key, unlike two years ago or even last year. Three good friends sent me messages and I went for dim sum lunch with another good friend who gave me a lovely card.

IMG_9258After lunch, I treated myself to a Belgian chocolate birthday cake, complete with candles. I ate a slice, while I reflected on the meaning of existence and the fact that I’m still here three years on. Not everyone has fared so well.

I even sang Happy Birthday to myself. It amused me, so I hope it amuses you too.

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5 Responses to Happy Birthday

  1. Mavis Nevill says:

    Hi Jet, how good to hear from you. I was thinking of you the other day and wondering how you were. Are you on a Face Book? Happy Birthday! Some of us have got to beat the odds on this horrible disease. There is a sense of guilt as we think of those who have lost the battle. Still, ours isn’t an easy road either, is it.
    Do hope you are still adding to your list of things to achieve. It sounds as if you, like me, are busier than you really should be, but I guess we feel we have got to make a difference as we wrest what we can from our lives. Although we mainly can push it to the edges, “how much longer” has to be there. Still, I take comfort from something I read that, the longer you survive, the longer you survive!! Sounds like a riddle doesn’t it.
    Go well friend and may the wind ever be on your back
    Much love, Mavis xxx


  2. Mary louise says:

    Happy birthday jet black. Wishing you many more You are setting a wonderful example in our mm journey 🌺🌺


  3. Delia Grodner says:

    Many happy returns!!

    Let’s speak soon.

    Loads of love,

    D & M xxxx😘



  4. Happy birthday!! May you have many more! 🙂


  5. Lilian Black says:

    I too am aware of what hangs over you every day of every year, but I am sorry that I’ve been so involved with myself at the moment that the importance of this anniversary passed me by. I am so glad you’ve reminded me.

    Glad to have you around today and every day my darling.

    Love you all the time,

    Mum xx xx xx



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