Anonymous question about bone damage

I’ve had a request to answer the following question from someone who wishes to remain anonymous: “Are a lesion and a plasmacytoma the same thing?

I found this quote from

“Bone damage and related problems

The increasing numbers of plasma cells in the bone marrow act like growing tumours (plasmacytomas) inside the bones. They also make a chemical that can damage bone. In time, small parts of bone are destroyed and are called lytic lesions.

I do not claim any responsibility for the veracity or accuracy of this quote.

So it sounds like they’re related but not the same thing. From what I understand, a plasmacytoma is a tumour and a lesion is the hole it can create in bone. I hope this helps.

I’m sure you can find other useful information through browsing yourself. Whenever I have that type of question, I either ask my consultant or specialist nurse, or I browse the internet carefully! In the UK, there is also an excellent, friendly and sensitive Infoline at Myeloma UK on 0800 980 3332 and I’m sure similar help is available in other countries. I wish you luck in your situation.

Maybe I wasn’t clear when I put out the contact form, but I am not qualified in medicine and I definitely would not want to misinform anyone, so I cannot answer medical queries, or even comment medically on other people’s experiences. That is not the kind of blog I am writing. Although I do include medical information that I pick up along the way, even that is about my own situation and experience.

When I requested readers to ask me to write about something, it was to find out on which topics you’d be interested to read my thoughts and feelings, in terms of how we each live with myeloma, or how we face similar difficulties. It’s about creating a space for sharing my experiences that may be helpful for others, or unraveling how I’ve dealt with the kind of dilemmas and decisions we all face on this journey.

While requests are definitely still very welcome – please keep them coming by using this form – I only want to write about my own experience of living with myeloma, whether in celebration or devastation, in treatment or remission, or in total confusion!

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1 Response to Anonymous question about bone damage

  1. When I was diagnosed with MM, I presented with a plasmacytoma in the pleura around the lungs. It was highly sensitive to radiation and I only had 14 radiation treatments to make it go away.


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