It’s working!

This is just a quick post lest I forget to mention it… I kinda took it on the chin, but perhaps we should be shouting about it…

I’ve been having blood tests since I first heard about the relapse, with the following results:

The numbers in brackets under each column heading show the normal range.
Date Kappa
(3.3 – 19.4)
(5.7 – 26.3)
(0.26 – 1.65)
26.09.11 7.48 6.06 1.234
19.12.11 73.2 24.56 2.980
16.01.12 109.59 34.23 3.202
23.01.12 87.32 27.93 3.126
20.02.12 13.99 10.69 1.309
12.03.12 10.96 9.09 1.206

You can see that in September last year – 6 weeks after the transplant, I was in the normal range, i.e. in remission. But from December, as we know, the numbers began to rise quite quickly. This is what indicated the relapse and it would seem that the myeloma came back quite aggressively.

Following only two cycles of Velcade, you can see that it has been incredibly effective, bringing my counts back down into the normal range again.

So, I am in complete remission! Hurray!!!! 🙂

Let’s hope the stem cell transplant is as effective at keeping me there as Velcade has been in getting me to this point.

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14 Responses to It’s working!

  1. What great news! I am so happy to hear that the velcade was so effective for you! Hurray! Hurray!!
    Carole Leigh


  2. Paul Creek says:

    Glad to hear valcade knocking MM for 6!
    love Paulxxp


  3. Mavis says:

    So pleased Jet!

    Love Mavis xx


  4. Catriona Yule. says:

    YES! Fantastic news, so pleased for you. Must be a weight off you…and its spring too!! Yey!!


  5. so emotional, so pleased


  6. That is such fantastic news and I’m thrilled for you. XXX


  7. Pleased for you Jet, Velcade is a very effective treatment which you seem to have tolerated exceptionally well

    Lots of love



  8. Sandra abraham says:

    Great news Jet x


  9. Elizellen says:

    Woohoo!! Great results, Jet!


  10. Kelley Campbell says:

    This is my first visit. So nice to meet you. I also have multiple myeloma. Thank you for this blot. So nice to read from someone who understands like no one else does.


  11. Phil says:

    What are the symtoms of an abnormal ratio? My mum has a bleed from her nose, not continuous though…pain in the nose followed by the bleed. She has this terrible pain in her feet, docs have put her on clopid tabs which in turn is causing the urine to be red in colour, this is getting us nervous.


    • Jet Black says:

      Hi Phil. Thanks for reading my blog. I’m sorry but as I’m not a doctor, I cannot answer your question. I’m not surprised you’re nervous and guessing that’s why you were searching on the internet and found my blog. My first response is to please speak to and ask questions of your mother’s doctor. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, ask for a second opinion, or change doctors/hospitals. I wish you and her all the best.


    • Jet Black says:

      Hi Phil
      I was just looking up something about low platelet counts and realised that this may be the reason your mum is having nose bleeds. The pain in her feet is probably peripheral neuropathy. I’m assuming therefore that she is probably on Velcade (Bortezomib) as this can often cause both these things. Your mum’s doctors should be aware and should adjust the amount of medication she receives, or even stop it for a while. I hope this is of some help.


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