Thu & Fri SCT Days 7 & 8

Thu: Despite my mouth feeling so awful and how hard it is for me to swallow, I’m not feeling as bad today as I did yesterday. Not feeling very lively though.

Got my blood results Thu afternoon. I’ve updated the results sheet. Neutrophils are 0.4. Phew!!!

Fri: It feels like I’m trying to push a boulder down my throat every time I swallow – that’s just saliva – nothing solid. I’m just a vessel for nurses and doctors to probe and check and pour things into. All my medication is now in fluid form, but it’s still really hard to take and I’m not sure if the Oromorph is having any effect at all. I have a slight temperature, so they are treating me with IV antibiotics, along with the fluids. They asked for a swab from my throat to send off to the lab. It made me gag badly, and sometimes when I take the medication, so they’re giving me an anti-emetic again.

Another visit from Prof Russell and entourage this morning. He confirmed that everything I’m going through is quite normal and to expect this to last a further 48 hours, after which time, I should begin to feel better.

I had to have a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. They initially said I would have to go up there, but I protested miserably. In the end the  radiology man came into my room with a huge portable machine. It was done in a matter of minutes and I could drop back off to sleep again.

I’ve been sleeping pretty much constantly  since yesterday afternoon, only interrupted by annoying nurses pouring things into me, or clucking round repeating reassuring noises that I know off by heart now. Thank goodness I can sleep. I can’t speak, eat or do anything.

This is the first time today, I’ve actually sat up and I’m now feeling woozy/faint/dizzy, but that’s probably because I’ve not been able to eat anything. Typing is quite hard – I keep hitting the wrong keys. I can do no more than surrender.

Got blood results for Fri. Finally the neutrophils are at 0. Results sheet is updated.

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2 Responses to Thu & Fri SCT Days 7 & 8

  1. Intending that by the time you read this you are feeling improved over the posting you did… from all I know as a caregiver, it takes about a week or so to start feeling as if there is a mere chance of ever feeling human again. Just wanted to let you know (as an MM cheerleader) that there is someone out here who is sending you good energy!!


  2. Natasha says:

    I hope the next few days pass with as much ease as possible. Surrender is so often a good solution but somehow a hard one to use. This is second time I wrote this comment, just as I was going to tell you about the hungry ghost festival happening here a bird pooed on my phone! Very lucky, perhaps the ancestors where having a laugh. Tomorrow night the two worlds: living and dead, are at their closest. The city is full of offerings of food and mini bonfires of fake money, sustenance for dead ancestors from filial living relations. The rats love it. I enjoy… Another bird pooed on me! I will shut up now.


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