Wed SCT Day 6

I’m feeling really low today. Diarrhoeia every time I move and my throat feels almost closed, mouth is sore and coated. I don’t feel like writing or talking. They’re giving me lots of pills and potions to help, but it’s still really horrid.

I was wondering earlier if I’d just drunk all the cleaning solutions under my kitchen sink, whether it’d have the same effect…? This amazing science is pretty harsh.

It’s 10pm and while I’ve been given my blood results, I’m still waiting for a nurse to bring me the neutrophil count.

Hmmm…. they’re now up to 5.1! This is not what’s expected. She said it’s possible that I had an infection, but there’s no sign of one from my temperature. Or it might be that the blood taken today had a lot of IV fluid in it. What do I know? Let’s see what tomorrow brings…

They had also forgotten to give me the GCSF injection around 6pm, so Karen has just given it to me now.

I’m so fed up. Friends are going on holiday or to camp. The weather’s crap. There’s riots in the streets. My mouth is like a pit, not to mention my bottom. I feel so removed from life, from me. I’m going to try to sleep.


About Jet Black

I began blogging because having been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, I wanted to share my experiences of living with an incurable cancer. Through blogging, I discovered that I enjoy writing. I have always chosen to live life for the journey, more than the destination. This is as true for the act of writing as it is for living with myeloma, so these are two things I do: I live and I write!
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4 Responses to Wed SCT Day 6

  1. Mavis Nevill says:

    Hang in there Jet. You might have known you’d do it differently. Hope your numbers soon go down.
    Just think, later in the year when all your friends have used all their leave entitlement, you will just be beginning to think about a holiday. One good thing abut not working is not having to fit holidays into leave years. Shame the dread MM stops us making much use of the fact!

    Much love



  2. Why are they giving you G-CSF if they want your neutrophils to go down?? I’m so confused. I don’t understand why your counts have to go down after they’ve transplanted the stem cells – surely they would need to be down before? I’m so sorry you’re feeling shitty. Ride it out and remember it’s not going to last forever. Keep your eye on the horizon.
    Lots of love,
    R x


  3. feresaknit says:

    I got diamorphine for the top end which was somewhat effective however I got barrier cream for the other which was wonderful and apparently there is something even better – I didn’t get to find out what though! ;D


  4. Sorry you’re having a tough time – it sucks. Hang in there and remember that it will all be worthwhile in the long run. Keep your eye on the prize.

    If you receive GCSF then naturally your neutrophil counts will go up as it is the purpose of this drug, to raise your neutrophil counts.

    Since your immune system was not completely ablated, the new stem cells will simply gradually take over, it doesn’t mean your counts will or even need to plummet down. I wouldn’t worry too much about your counts. I also had a count calendar on my wall and was obsessed with it until my docs told me to leave the worrying to them and to concentrate on getting through my days. My counts went down once I got home (which is nothing to worry about) and they began to go back up when my bone marrow started working again. If you have no fever, then I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about the numbers.

    Hang in there.


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