SCT figures…

I’ve just been given a chart showing my blood test results for the days I’ve been in here and those to come – still blank obviously.

I thought I’d record them here for anyone who’s interested in the more technical side of things. I just need to work out if I can import a table, as that’d be much easier than tabs on here.

Yay! Done it! I’ll keep this updated as each day comes along: SCT blood results.

As you can see, they have begun to fall. I have been told that when they start to come up, it often comes up quite quickly – one or two days! The figures they’re watching most are my neutrophils – the immune system part of white blood cells. They expect these to fall to zero over the next few days and then we just wait for them to come back up again. When they get back to 1, that’s when they send me home… providing all else is well.

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1 Response to SCT figures…

  1. Your counts are still doing great – good for you. I gather from your post that you have also like me received a reduced dose of chemo (not fully ablative like those that need to have 7 to 10 days of high-dose chemo & radiation to remove their immune system). I only had 2 types of chemo over 5 days. My neutrophils did go down to zero but only for 2 days then they started climbing back up again and I was glad not to have needed blood or platelet transfusion post transplant. I was lucky to be released 7 days post transplant and I have only had a very mild case of skin GVHD around day 30. My neutrophils have rarely been above 2 for most of this past year. Like you, I am restricted in certain food items to avoid any risk of bacteria/fungus.

    Like you, a friend of mine had an autologous transplant shortly before mine and she is doing very well.

    You seem to be doing great – keep it up. I think the trick is to not let your imagination run wild with the what ifs. Enjoy each day – even with the whole being stuck 24/7 to your IV-pole, a zillion trips to the bathroom, and the constant visits from medical staff. I wish you a short and uneventful hospital stay.



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