Inspiration… Regrets of the Dying

I saw this posted on Facebook by Action for Happiness and I decided to keep it as a reminder for myself and share it here because it is so relevant and so exceptionally true and real; and actually relatively easy. It’s a short list of the most common regrets voiced by people who are dying, or things they wish they’d done differently, shared by someone who has worked in palliative care: Regrets of the Dying. And for those of you who shy away from anything to do with death and dying… it really is not in the least morbid – just general wisdom.

I’m glad and maybe a tad smug in the belief that I have mostly lived to these principles in my life, but there are times when we all lose our way. Here’s hoping we can all manage to do these things in our lives without having to face imminent death or illness. It’s really not rocket science!

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2 Responses to Inspiration… Regrets of the Dying

  1. Erica Böhr says:

    Hard to prevent myself from corny comments, but your posts clearly and frankly underline how so many of us cruise through life really sweating the small stuff. Found regrets for the dying poignant, could very successfully be re-titled “Reminders for every day”. Much love xxxxxxxx


  2. Erica Böhr says:

    Clarifying “corny”: as in, when faced with the “big stuff” of life and death, it is so easy to resort to trite platitudes. I love how your blog isn’t doing that!!! Mwamwamwa, get strong!!!!


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