Further clarity… for the geeks out there!

I found that the results and technical data I put in my blog were a bit confusing – to me, never mind you lot! So I called Jenny, the specialist nurse again today to get clear.

For those of you who prefer the emotional, practical, fun stuff, you can skip this bit…

There are two types of testing… one is the 24-hour urine test I mentioned yesterday, which looks for Bence Jones paraproteins in the urine.

The other is the blood test, which looks for light chain assays, as mentioned in the PDF leaflet I attached yesterday.

The Bence Jones paraprotein levels were very low initially and now down to zero!

22/02/11   0.56g/l.         13/04/11   0g/l.

Woo hoo!!!!! Let’s celebrate with some classic Joan Armatrading: 

The light chain assays are where the lambda, kappa ratio comes into play…

07/02/11       Kappa 4309, Lambda 9.7, Ratio 444

22/02/11       Kappa 802, Lambda 10.04, Ratio 79.88

07/03/11       Kappa 129.66, Lambda 19.52, Ratio 6.642

04/04/11       Kappa 29.97, Lambda 28.81, Ratio 1.04

The outcome is exactly as reported yesterday… only clearer now! 😀

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