Hospital appointment today

I went back to see my kidney consultant again today. Following last week’s blood test, my calcium levels are now so low that he has prescribed me to take Calcichew.

I then went to see my Haematology specialist nurse for another blood test and better news still is that my creatinine levels are down to 234, which is well below the required 300 to make it safe for me to commence chemotherapy.

So tomorrow morning, I have to take my first chemotherapy tablets – 10 of them!!!! Preceded half an hour earlier by anti-sickness tablets. Wish me luck!

I have also received an interesting book, a gift from my uncle… Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra. An exploration of the frontiers of mind/body medicine. Anything that might help!

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1 Response to Hospital appointment today

  1. Delia Grodner says:

    we do…..of course….wish you luck. And lots of it! Again, we send love too. x M and D x


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