Awake again…

Here I am, awake again at 06:16 on Monday morning… after a couple of hours of lying in bed awake, with my mind so very alive, even though my body could happily sleep. Yes, I’m on the Dexamethasone (steroids) – Day 2 of 4!

We had a bit of a wild night here earlier… A fox screeching like a banshee wandering down the street like it owned the place. At first, we didn’t know if it was a child/baby, a young woman in distress, cats fighting… but then my friend saw it trotting calmly along, peeing on a gate post as it passed.

Later on, it was the local cats… Screeching, scrawling, scowling, yawling… What a bloody racket!!!! Who needs blinking Dex to keep you awake!!! Fortunately, not my cat, who was comfortably tucked up on the couch, blithely staring at the blank TV.

It’s getting light now and I’m chatting with another “sick” insomniac friend on Facebook, so the early hours pass uneventfully and I will get some sleep soon, on the couch with my lovely bright pink fleece blanket, which now lives in the living room.

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