Drugs… just say NO!

Unlike other cancers, where there is a solid tumour, I have been told, there is the chance to take a breath, assess and make decisions about which sort of treatment and when… With Myeloma, they have to act fast, as it was already actively affecting my health every moment…

So, before I’d even got my head around the word, I was put immediately onto very strong steroids for four days. They are so strong that they are not allowed to be made in larger format than 2mg… I have to take 40mg… 20 tablets in one go!

The doctors warned me that they might make me “a bit hyper”… OMG!!!! I was flying off the walls. I had two visitors on the second day of taking the tablets. Poor loves didn’t know what had hit them – I talked non-stop at a million miles an hour – they couldn’t get a word in edgewise. To one of them, I said she was a good listener… Her response was “I didn’t have a choice!” (Sorry Helen!)

I couldn’t sleep at night and had the most amazing, exciting, creative ideas about things I was going to do. It was actually an amazingly good experience for me… I felt very lucky, appreciative of all my friends and family, who have been so supportive and loving. I felt very clear and sharp, just knowing what is important and easily slicing through the things that are not, whether it be uninspired work, friends who really aren’t there for you, or stupid rules/regulations.

The difficult part was not having a chance to fully comprehend what was/is happening to me, because I was so “high”.

When I asked my specialist nurse how bad I had been on them, she said on a scale of 1-10, I was about an 8… she had seen worse. Hahaha!

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2 Responses to Drugs… just say NO!

  1. Megan Williams says:

    Were they Prednisolone? I have to take those from time to time but nowhere near the quantity you took!

    Apart from the fact I don’t really want to take too many steroids……I love them….they make me feel like a million dollars.

    Talk about a legal high. Not the best way to take in serously bad new though. You must have been uber manic!!!


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